Assembly Plants


Assembly instructions for the ID3 side skirt
  1. Infeed
  2. CNC processing
  3. Cleaning station
  4. Drawers for sheets incl. gluing unit
  5. Flow Drill Screws
  6. Survey Station
  7. Laser Signature
  8. Outfeed
Manufacturing technology is adapting to the new challenges in automotive engineering!
Components must:
  • become lighter (weight saving) 
  • get bigger (giga casting) 
  • have new connection technologies – gluing, riveting or a combination of these (see picture) 
  • Footprint & sustainability
More and more new manufacturing methods or assembly processes are being combined.
Components that are mounted using structural adhesive in combination with Flow Drill screws – right down to simple riveted connections.

All standard and connecting elements can be assembled with the highly automated assembly systems from AR.

Examples of fasteners:

Blind Rivet Nut

Blind Rivet

Threaded bolt


Flow Drill Screws FLS

Examples of assembly systems:
  • General riveting machines
  • Clinch connections
  • Punch riveting systems
  • Assembly of threaded inserts (coil)
  • Gluing systems
  • Nut Bars